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Alisdair Douglas

Deep & Atmospheric drum and bass

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Profile by Al himself
I’ve been into the dance scene since about 1992, when I started going to Oddysey at the Brunel Rooms in Swindon. At that time there was very little music policy anywhere, so you were just as likely to end up hearing House as Hardcore. It didn’t take long before the splits in Dance started to become more apparent, and it was about that time as well that I began to differentiate between the DJ’s that really sounded good to me and those that passed the time. This was also about the time that myself and DJ Ian Shufflin started to tour various parties that Bukem and Conrad were playing at.

When the Fruit club started in 1993 and Bukem and Tayla played at the opening night we were convinced that things were looking up, and the early days there were a real eye opener as far as Drum and Bass was concerned, with residencies from Gwange, Lee and Wax Doctor, with us managing to get a behind the scenes look by doing the lights every Friday. Unfortunately the local scene took a slide downhill, but this just means that we have to do a bit more travelling to catch the good stuff.

Drum and Bass is still my favourite style, although only the so called "intelligent" side of things…hardstep never really did anything for me, but I do enjoy a lot of other forms of music: DJ Shadow, Basement Jaxx and DIY being other preferred talents at the moment. Not much more to say really, so check out the mix…enjoy.

Al's all time top ten tunes

1. Source Direct - Oblivion

2. Aloof - One Night Stand

3. Dj Shadow - Mutual Slump

4. Johnny L - Tetronic Cycle

5. PHD & Conrad - Reminiscent Rythms

6. Wamdu Project - King of my Castle

7. Big Bud - State of Mind

8. Massive Attack - Angel

9. FSOL - Papua New Guinea

10. Orbital - Belfast/Wasted