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Alex Judd

Deep/Dark drum and bass
Big Beat
Trip Hop

Favourite labels
Good looking
Kahuna Cuts

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Alaska & Nucleus>The Nautilus
Big Bud>Transmissions
Blu Mar Ten>Suspended Animation
TQ-1>Tunnel Vision



Profile by Dj Lynkx himself
When I was 15 dj'ing had never really interested me before, Iíd never really thought about it. But listening to DJís like randall, peshay, bukem, grooverider and fabio I thought "mixing......I could do that". In early `96 I got a pair of pro 150's and a basic mixer. For the next 6 months none of my friends saw me apart from at school. I'd bring in mix tapes that I had done the night before and play them in the youth club at lunch time. I didn't know any body that mixed, so there wasn't anyone to show me the basics. But slowly I got better and my confidence grew.

It wasn't until `97 that I played to a crowd. At a friends birthday party at a local pub I was given my first opportunity. At first I wasn't nervous, but then I discovered direct drive decks are different to belts, I couldn't the beats to match and started to panic. After an hour of drinking and practice I started getting used to it and began to enjoy myself. At the end of my set people came over saying they'd enjoyed my set. It made me more eager to DJ and play in front of people.

I didn't get a chance to play anywhere for a while. Then December of '97 I got to play in the chill-out room at the Brunei rooms. This was different because it was playing anything apart from house and chart music. So I didnít' have to play with the sole intention of pleasing the crowd. It was the brunel rooms 25th birthday and one of the biggest nights they've ever put on. I didn't realise this at the time but when we arrived the cue was massive. The chill-out was rammed so I was quite nervous before a started to play, but as soon as the first record started my nerves soon went. It went a bit pear shaped when the needles started jumping but overall it was a good experience.

I decided to sell my decks that month with the intention of buying technics. I waited almost a year for them, but it was worth the wait and work! How Iím setting my sights higher and hopefully in the near future I will travel to Canada to play as well as start a monthly night at the Brunei rooms with some other DJís. A night by revellers for revellers.

My main frustration is that it is a case of who you know, not what you know. The fact that talentless DJís who kiss arse get paid to play in large clubs. While the talented bedroom DJís don't get a chance because they want to stay credible and won't kiss managers and promoters arses.

Dj Lynkx's all time top ten tunes

1. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

2. Dance Conspiracy - Dub War

3. Biosphere - The Shield

4. Ltj Bukem - Music

5. PFM - Danny's Song

6. Dj Shadow - Building Steam form a Grain of Salt

7. Acen - Trip II the Moon

8. Prodigy - Out of Space

9. Goldie - State of Mind

10. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea