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Oliver Chappell

Drum and Bass

Favourite labels
Moving Shadow
Creative Source
Hospital Records
Juice Records
Good Looking

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1>Alaska & Neucleus>The Nautelus
3>Shy FX>Bambatta
5>PFM>Crusin' Detroit '98
6>London Elektricity>Song in the Key of Knife
7>Total Science>Stepback
9>Aquasky>The Stalker
10>Alaska & Neucleus>Project 2

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Profile by Ollie
I got involved in the rave scene early on and made a natural Progression from dance floor to decks. After a lot of practice I began sorting mix tapes out for my mates and Djing at local house parties.

Since then I've moved on to play on pirate radio, firstly on Londons now de-funked PRESSURE FM and then on to Essex based CYNDICUT. I've played at a of small clubs in South London/Kent and have also graced the sound systems of Naked Funk, Pure Science in Maidstone and the seminal One Nation at Bagleys.

I try to play all Styles of drum & bass in my sets, you've got to play the rough with the smooth and not draw the same tunes as every other Dj on the night. I'm always eager for bookings, I've spent so much on vinyl over the years that I'll never expect to make money as a Dj, I just enjoy the buzz of playing to a crowd.

I'm currently stiding to be an audio engineer, recording and mixing bands. It's mainly rock music I work with but when I do come with a drum & bass project of my own it's going to be something that reflects my Dj style and will probably involve live instruments.

Ollie's all time top ten tunes

1. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

2. PFM - The Western

3. EZ Rollers - Retro

4. NWA - Straight outta Compton

5. New Yorican Soul - Black Gold of the Sun

6. Bjork - Play Dead

7. Deep Blue - Helecopter

8. LTJ Bukem - Horizons

9. Peshay - The Vocal Tune

10. Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows