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Profile - Ian Shuffliní started playing the decks late 1993 whilst still at college, even though he didnít have his own turntables he borrowed friends. As soon as he started work in 1994 he went out with his first pay check and blew the lot on a set of decks. Ever since then he hasnít looked back, spending weekends travelling the country visiting record shops (Section 5, Record Basement etc.) searching for them all important tunes, the tunes that make your mates stand back awe inspired.

Ian has played at a number of places throughout Swindon, these include the Brunel Rooms nightclub, Longs Bar, Fusion and a three year residencey at the Underground. He also likes to get out and play at the many free parties that happen in the area in the summer.

Ian, says he never did have such an open minded view of music and thanks, Richie Hughes for opening his eyes to the many different styles out there, for him it was just drum and bass all the way. Even though itís just drum and bass that he plays now, he has a large CD collection of chilling to now which ranges from Craig Armstrong to BT.

Ian, although being quite a mellow person gets really annoyed with the attitude people have towards the style he plays. To quote him he says "people tell me itís to mellow for drum and bass nights and itís to hard for playing in bars, but where ever Iíve played, my sets have gone down a storm. I just wish promoters and bar managers would cut us a little more slack. We know what weíre doing weíve been involved in it long enough".

Ian has recently hooked up with Dan Hicks and has been producing tracks under the name of Force Majure. Although nothing has been released, itís early days yet. We wish them the best of luck.

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Style - Deep and Jazzy drum & bass.
Favourite Labels - Good Looking, Temple, Partisan and Creative Source.

Listen to a mix - Recorded Dec 1998.

Title Artist Label
Valley of the Moomins Seba Good Looking Records
Possible Worlds Moonchild Looking Good Records
Fall Blu Mar Ten Ascendant Grooves
Submerge Odessey Earth 3
Emotionography Big Bud Good Looking Reocrds
Camouflage Seba Looking Good Records