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Profile - "Music" - I first started listening to music from quite an early age. The style of music I was in to at this time was early electro and hip-hop which was released on the early electro albums in the 80's, stuff like Grand Master Flash, Melle Mel, Roxanne Shante and Knights of the Turntables. That’s the stuff that really used to get me going. I was never really the sort of kid that was in to pop music.

Then the first acid house tracks started coming out in 1989. There are only 2 tracks I remember clearly from this time which are still 2 of my all time favourites now. Rhythm is Rhythm by Strings of Life, a classic piece from Derek May that I still love today and Pacific State by 808 state. My mates were all listening to acid house and I was still listening to the hip-hop guys like Big Daddy Kane, Ice T, Icecube, LL Cool J , Public Enemy and Eric B and Rakim (That's how I met Luke he took the p*ss out of my Public Enemy T-Shirt).

It was late 91/early 92 that I really started getting in to hardcore it was round about this time that the tunes started to get more breakbreat driven. DJ's like Ratty, Top Buzz, Slipmatt and Sy all started playing tunes that really grew on me like nothing else had before. As for me getting in to drum and bass, it was just a progression from hardcore really. I will never forget the very early pieces of vinyl I have from people like SS, Tango, Cool Hand Flex from ‘93 to the tunes that came out on Good Looking in ‘94/’95. Like the wonderful Dolphin Tune from Aquarius and the astonishing cut from PFM, Wash Over Me. Simply magic.

Even though I have owned a pair of decks for almost 4-5 years it wasn't until I met Mr Ian 'Shufflin' Porter and the rest of the Risky lot that I got a break DJing. I remembered Ian's name as I used to see him DJ at a local club, the Brunel Rooms quite regularly. When I met Ian he was playing at the Underground, and had heard about me from Luke and Ian said to Luke "No probs let him come down on Friday Night and he can probably have a set". Ian generously gave up his main Friday night slot to give me a chance (and I was sh*iting it up there !!!). I have only played out their 4 or 5 times but I have really enjoyed each time. Ian gave me the chance to play out the music that I wanted to play out and get heard somewhere apart from my bedroom and I won't forget this.

I mainly play out deep drum and bass from labels like Ascendant Grooves, Partisan, 720, Looking Good, Good Looking and Creative Source but I don't mind playing some hardstep and tech-step stuff if it's original and doesn't sound like the 140,000 other tracks out there. Even though it's just drum and bass I play out I own lot's of other music both on Vinyl and CD. I listen to many things from bands like the Verve and Oasis through to big Beat, hip-hop, house, garage and techno. I like to listen to all sorts, I think it's what keeps me interested in music. I can't listen to too much of one thing.

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Style - Deep and Jazzy drum & bass.
Favourite Labels - Good Looking, Temple, Partisan, Second Skin and Creative Source.

Listen to a mix - Recorded Feb 1999.
This mix is in two parts.
Part 1
Part 2
Title Artist Label
Space Freeform (Dom & Roland mix) Partisan
Propaganda Photek Photak Productions
Brown Blood Klute mix Second Skin
Wreckin Ball Professor Stretch mix Second Skin
Sequence Justice Partisan
Blue Haze Jazz Cartel (Flytronix mix) Partisan
Deceptive Emotion Banaczech (Total Science mix) Partisan
Atmospheric Imbalance KMC Partisan
Submerge Odessey 720 Degrees
Kloke Hidden Agenda mix Second Skin
Santur Blu Mar Ten Good Looking Records
Sly King Kooba Second Skin
Mr Nice Big Bud Good Looking Records
Flight 19 Mark J Looking Good Records
Beneath the Surface PHD Ascendant Grooves
Apollo Voyager Good Looking Records
Alpha 7 Blame 720 Degrees
Sooth Sayer Parallax Urban Flavour
Void Field Blu Mar Ten Good Looking Records