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What was it like!!!!

It was a lovely day to spend sat in a pub garden getting licked off kroney, chilling with your mates and checking some wick tunes. We went down there at about three o'clock and there was already a lot of people there for a sunday afternoon. And of course the decks were already kicking with Nova spinning some nice chilled house music. Unfortanately we missed most of Nova's set and Vince soon stepped up to the decks, It was agreed between me and my conpatriates that this DJ played probably the best set of the day, It was a mixed set of old and new very mellow tunes (even a very rare mix of Massive Attack's Hymm for the Big Wheel, which we want). Through the rest of the afternoon we were entertained by the Free the Vibe residents, Gareth C played an old skool hip hop set which went down nicely. This was followed by Zulu with an old skool dance set, Dj Spectrum then brought us back in to the right half of the decade with some chilled trip hop and beats. Then the day was finished off with Antony P who played a slamming old skool set. As you can see from a seletion of photos opposite a good day was had by all (this even included a return of the Neptunes lost pink goggles, modelled by Yoshi). And I'll definately be keeping my eye out for the next one and so should YOU.


@ Fusion - Sunday 20th September 2pm till 8pm