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Questions, thoughts! this is the stuff that rattles around the shufflers head, It may be toss, it may be profound, who knows. There will be bad lanquage so don't look if it offends you. Now I can say I'll also be bringing you a daily word for vagina. If you want to add a thought, comment or just chat, mail me at
You may ask yourself why I'm doing this, well isn't it obvious, It makes me more attactive to the opposite sex.
Thursday 8th June - I'm looking at this world through my hip hop eyes.
Vagina = Fish Mitten
Wednesday 7th June - Dj Lynkx was djing at Bar Cuba last night and Simon the part owner came over and told him the music was too "black"?? What on earth is that about??
Vagina = Sausage Glove
Tuesday 6th June - )EIB( ,Come on sort it out it's a load of bollocks, nuff said.
Vagina = Meaty Bike Rack
Monday 5th June - A friend of mine was eating a farm stores sausage from Asda and he cracked his tooth in half on a bit of bone in it. So beware.
Vagina = Fish Cave
Sunday 4th June - I'm hanging, Why are starlings so scrawny in my street?
Vagina = Po-na-ne